About us

STATELESS PROPERTY is not just a brand, it is a symbol of evolution, elevation, resilience, and re-invention. It is to be worn with pride, self awareness, and knowledge of self-worth.

The path to greatness is often met with adversity and an individual is not determined by what he is given but more so by what he is willing to go out and get. With that said, this is how the journey transpired.

In 1948, a generation in Palestine refuged to Egypt during the occupation in a bid to establish a place they could call home. However, it wasn’t granted due to politics, and they were given ‘Egyptian Travel Documents for Palestinian Refugees’ and were made to find home elsewhere.

The journey is ongoing and many have relocated and found refuge or obtained residency and citizenship in different countries around the world. Some moved to the Middle East - United Arab Emirates - where the founder of STATELESS PROPERTY was born.

Again due to politics, and for the same reason as many other countries, no citizenship nor lifetime residency is granted for those whose parents hold a different origin than that of an Emirati national, they hold what their parents hold. In this instance, the parents were Palestinian refugees who held travel documents.

With the combination of a fortunate sequence of events, drive and the passion of wanting to settle and establish global access, the founder managed to reach North America to start a new life and plant the seeds for future generations to secure a place they too could call home – Canada.

All designs, creative inspiration, concept production and fulfilment are made by the founder through the manifestation of true events and stories outlined above. The mission is to create a voice for awareness and in addition to that, give back to the people.

“The Stateless will live free”

Ahmed ‘JR’ Radwan – CEO and Founder